Vivanta Next

  • Type

    Residential Housing - Architecture

  • Client

    Sonigara Punamiya Developers

  • Location

    Tathawade, Pune

  • Status


  • Year


  • Built-up Area

    300000 sq.ft.

  • Site Area

    2 Acre

  • Project Details

    The brief was to design spacious 2BHK and 3BHK flats on a 2 acre site. The design comprises of 297 apartments that are well spaced in 3 (13 floor high) towers.

    The project aims to be a green oasis within the chaos of its surroundings. It is designed as a stimulus to restore the balance between the built and green spaces blurring the boundaries between the two.

    The zoning was initiated with the idea of keeping the north as completely open and placing the 3 towers on the south side. The ground coverage of the buildings is only 40% of the total plot. This gave way for an open space spread over an area of 1 acre on the north side of the plot. This large open space is divided by fluid landscape elements, with each scoop designated for a different activity (such as yoga, swimming pool, party lawn) or for a different type of resident (from toddlers to senior citizens).

    The three buildings are connected on the podium and terrace floors, creating a space for additional amenities, and also featuring different uses, with some designated for work, and others for play. This impressive list of amenities was made possible by the scale of the development.

    The units have been designed to minimise the internal lobby area and maximise usable space. The Living Room, Dining area and kitchen have been combined to create one space. This space with a shaded balcony works as one large uninterrupted space ideal for entertaining guests.

    The facade is dominated by green decks on the podium and terrace floors that confine the whole building. All the other building elements have been muted to highlight these green decks.