Studio Integrate started as a collaborative architecture practice by Architects Manas Chordiya, Abhishek Agrawal and Yash Jain in the year 2018.  Having studied in the same school of architecture, they share a common design philosophy and vision. Their associations during college made them realize that together they can accomplish much more than, even at their best, what they can accomplish individually.


Taking inspiration from traditional concepts continues to inform their work. They believe that architecture is an industry defined by evolution. Employing new technologies and keeping architecture on par with the smart era forms the crux of their design approach.


A novel collaboration of design and 3-D visualisation is tailored to bridge the gap between the design idea and the client. At the core of their practice is the idea that dynamic and sensorial spaces establish the identity not only for the buildings but also its users.


Yash Jain

B. Arch – P.V.P.C.O.A., Pune

Manas Chordiya

B. Arch – P.V.P.C.O.A., Pune

Abhishek Agrawal

B. Arch – P.V.P.C.O.A., Pune