• Type

    Residential - Architecture

  • Client

    Sonigara Realcon

  • Location

    Nigadi Pradhikaran

  • Status

    Under Construction

  • Year


  • Built-up Area

    24000 Sq.Ft.

  • Site Area

    5200 Sq.Ft

  • The brief was to design ultra-luxurious residential flats on a 5,000 sq.ft. site. The design comprises of 7 4BHK apartments that are well spaced in 1 (7 floor high) tower, with 1 flat on each floor. The site is located in an area that has existed with low rise development since its inception, due to government regulations. However, in response to new governing rules which earlier allowed buildings of only 15m height and a buildable area equivalent to the plot size have been changed to allow a buildable area 4 times the plot size, with no height restrictions. Most of the area’s inhabitants have been used to living in individual houses with private gardens and open spaces. As a response to this need, the apartments have been designed to occupy a complete floor opening out on all sides with each room extending into private sheltered open spaces. Alignment of units along true N-S direction follows vastu principles and lines up perfectly with the natural wind direction. The Foyer, Living Room and Dining area have a beamless uninterrupted slab. This space with huge shaded balconies work as one large uninterrupted space ideal for entertaining guests. The facade design was initiated with the thought of keeping the east and west faces completely open and blocking the south heat with a blank wall. The eastern and western facades are detailed by louvers and jalis of varying sizes, while the south wall is ornamented by triangular openings that open out in east- west directions. From often-overlooked details to large voluminous forms, every element is a pursuit in sculpting an enriching and intuitive experience