JK Bajaj Residence

  • Type

    Residential Housing - Interior

  • Client

    JK Bajaj

  • Status


  • Year


  • The brief was to transform a 3BHK apartment into a modern, sophisticated home that addressed all their day-to-day, practical needs. But renovating properties always comes with a set of challenges and surprises. You are never fully certain until you start the work. With a timeline spanning close to a year with indefinite lockdowns in-between, the project finally came to fruition in February this year. As you walk through the apartment, every nook revels in warmth, telling a story about the family that calls it home and the creative who brought their vision to life. A theme becomes clear as you enter the foyer. The entryway has a storage unit in white corian topped by a teakwood veneer which is contrasted on the other side by black mirrors. A teakwood veneer ceiling matches the storage unit. This space opens into the living room that has been done up in hues of grey and pastel blue, layered with the natural warm tones of Teakwood and Statuario Marble. The furniture includes a pastel blue sofa, upholstered grey single seat, and a pair of gold PVD Coated coffee tables. A TV unit made in Corian and panelled with fluted Teakwood and Statuario Marble dominates this space, with a rug from D'decor tying it all together. The modern TV unit transforms into an intricate temple towards the north east corner of the house. The living room extends into the dining area that is highlighted with the contrasting textures of natural bricks and black back-painted glass. A dining table made in bold black marble is flanked by 6 upholstered beige chairs. The wall separating the dining area and kitchen was hollowed out in a way that it formed a large, rectangular opening which became a continuous, hassle-free working surface doubling up as a serving counter for the adjoining dining table. The kitchen optimises all the available wall area. The use of black, granular marble, that extends onto the backsplash, against the pastel blue hues of the kitchen cabinets makes the space seem ample and modern. The bedrooms are minimal with different color palettes to suit the people who use them. The material palette includes naturally finished wood, marble, leather, metal, raw concrete and textiles. The color palette alternates between soft pastels and the hues and textures of the contrasting materials. In order to make the home more functional and increase storage space, several civil modifications were made. It became evident early on in the design process that the client’s storage-intensive requirements had to be conciliated in a manner that provided them with a space that was functional, ergonomically sensitive and yet gave off a minimal, forward-thinking aesthetic.